Welcome to the 6 month Adventure with you and your body!

This includes 2 calls a month! 1 Q&A Call and 1 Group ASB Session
And maybe a few surprises along the way as well!


(your time in the world)

What if the one thing that has always, and will always be there with no judgment or point of view is...your Body?!?!

Welcome to "Finding the Joy of Your Body" - a 6 month Adventure with Dr. Anthony Mattis.

What if your Body always had your back? Even if it doesn't show up the way you think it will. What if you could have a creationship with your body beyond anything you've ever dreamed? What grand and glorious adventures would you go on?

Join Dr. Anthony Mattis in the exploration of bodies, and the infinite possibilities with them.

Bring your questions and your vulnerability...
What would your life be like if you truly had a creationship with your body?

ASB sessions are an invitation for you to find you, to create the life you never thought possible.

Utilizing the energies of ASB will invite you to have more communion and connection with you, the being, and your body. It's where a space begins to open up in your universe where you begin to have more of you, the potency of you and recognize and tap into the gift that you are to the world.

If you would like to experience the energies of ASB click HERE to download the 14 Days of Creating From Silence for FREE!

What would it be like to have unwavering confidence
that your Body truly does have your back?

What kind of adventures would you create

This program costs $999.99 in one payment or $200/month for 6 months and includes: 


- 2 monthly 1 hour zoom calls 
(1 Q&A and 1 Group ASB Session)

And maybe a few other surprises along the way...

BONUS for paying up front:
Defending and Avoiding with Bodies Clearing Loop



June 2nd - 11am EDT | your time here
June 21 - 11am EDT | your time here
July 8 - 11am EDT | your time here
July 21 - 11am EDT | your time here
August 11 - 11am EDT | your time here
August 25 - 11am EDT | your time here
September 13 - 11am EDT | your time here
September 28 - 11am EDT | your time here
October 14 - 11am EDT | your time here
October 25 - 11am EDT | your time here
November Dates TBD

**Please note due to Anthony's Travel schedule these dates may change and shift**

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