Tri-Series TTTE Intro Class

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Have you been introduced to the new unseen world of entities and fairies and wonder how to communicate with them? There is so much to learn about this unseen world, a rare education over 3 telecalls with Dr. Anthony Mattis on how the entity world crosses over into the area of mental disorders and the curious (all too common!) subject of Walk Ins awaits.


Communication with entities is one of the three primary principles of Talk to the Entities®.

Communication is so vital for facilitating and dealing with the spirit world yet so many people are completely oblivious to its power and ease. Learn the incredible, simple and practical TTTE® tools for communication using the dynamic TTTE® Communication Flow Chart!

Who is waiting to talk to you?


What if people who say they hear voices are actually hearing voices? The voices of spirits!

What if a large array of so called ‘mental disorders’ were due to an extreme awareness of entities and a lack of education and empowerment in this area?

What if you could more easily handle what this reality calls mental disorders with the tools of TTTE® and Access Consciousness™? This class will delve into where awareness of entities and psychological disorders are misidentified and misapplied.

Let’s educate, not medicate!


Did you know that it is more common for a body to have multiple ‘walk ins’ than to have none? Yes, ‘walk ins’ remain one of the most dynamic yet confusing areas with entities.

The Walk In’s series challenges our concept of self and assists us to have clarity of who we really are. 

What if by clearing walk ins you could choose confidently and easily?




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