Breaking Down Stereotypes

Breaking Down The Stereotypes – WHAT IT TAKES TO BE YOU IN THE WORLD 

Conversations in consciousness and creativity with Paul Kearney and Dr.Anthony Mattis

This is a free zoom that looks at what it takes to be you in the world. So often, we are looking to conform to some norm of who we think we should be. What if we were designed to stand out and really be ourselves in all our glory? What if we are the most creative force in our life and we create our lives choice by choice, moment by moment?

Please join us on May 30th, 2018 @ 1pm EST (Your Time & Date) for a fun exploration of consciousness, creativity and possibilities

Dr. Anthony Mattis is a doctor of chiropractics and has worked with people on their healing journey over 20 years. Paul Kearney is a yoga, tai chi and meditation teacher that specializes in empowering people to tap into their creative powers and create the life they love. Both Anthony and Paul have used the tools of Access Consciousness to bring positive change to their lives and look forward to sharing some gems of wisdom. Access Consciousness provides a set of tools and techniques to allow you to choose change in your areas of your life you would like to change !!


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