Remote ASB Sessions

Anthony offers the same potent ASB magic over Zoom in a remote session.  A remote session can be done from anywhere in the world with internet access.

What is ASB?

ASB (Anthony Synthesis of Being) Sessions. Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) asked Anthony to work on his body almost 2 years ago and discovered Anthony had very similar ESB capacities to Dr. Dain Heer (co-founder of Access Consciousness)… and the rest is history! ASB sessions (coined by Dr. Dain Heer) were born.

ASB sessions are an invitation for you to find you, to create the life you never thought was possible. You can actually perceive the limitations, the abuse, the struggles begin to melt away. The space that is opened up is undeniable.

Anthony’s ASB's invite you to choose what you never thought you could, true communion with you.



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