Classes & Sessions

I offer a variety of classes and sessions. Everything from The Access Consciousness Foundation & The Bars, Talk To The Entities & my well known ASB sessions.

Consciousness With A Jersey Boy

A Raw & Real look at life. A podcast With Dr Anthony Mattis

Creating Your Future - Vlog

Free tools & question to assist you in creating your future. A podcast With Dr Anthony Mattis

This Is Our Story


""When you're not spending so much energy trying to fix what you think is a wrongness of you, there is so much more that is available to create.""

"​"Yes just choose a session Anthony Mattis is a beautiful space and pretty magical and he can assist you in getting you to your magic and your true desires 😄""


"​"I've had several sessions with Anthony Mattis and each one has opened a door for me to change and shift things in my life dynamically! So grateful for who you be Anthony!!!""


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