What if the one thing that has always, and will always be there with no judgment or point of view is...the Universe?!?!

Ever heard that your point of view creates your reality???

The Universe is an ever-gifting, ever-supporting, infinite-possibilities filled space...

And it will support you fully and totally with whatever you are willing to receive!

So, is now the time to start asking for, and RECEIVING a whole lot more???

Join the Possibility Party

Hi! I'm Dr. Anthony Mattis and welcome to "Universe Has Your Back"!

This monthly membership was started from the total gratitude that I have for Dr. Dain Heer & Gary Douglas... these 2 amazing men have had my back through a thousand ups and downs, and it has changed my life in ways I still can't believe.

And they have always been there to remind me that the Universe has my back!

I would like to extend this to you... 

Bring your questions and your vulnerability...

Q &A Call

(2) one-hour calls where you can ask Anthony anything.  

Call Clearings

All the written clearings from each call available in Kajabi.

Content Library

All your call recordings and bonuses stored in one place.


A special welcome gift and fun surprises and bonuses.

Telegram Group

A private, fun and collaborative group chat for members only!

Simona N.

Universe has your back membership program is about looking at things from a different perspective. It's a vulnerable space where you can ask any question even the most sensitive and personal ones. It gives you sense of lightness and energy to continue whatever you are creating. Anthony is such a great and experienced facilitator!

Jitka D.

I am grateful for Anthony and his calls. He speaks in a language that people can understand easily and at the same time his kindness is a great space.

He's also a great contribution. He goes into vulnerability with you and he's being himself.

Sanau A.

Universe Has Your Back calls are like a magical gathering of so many energies from all over the world united in their asks for conscious - and Dr. Anthony is doing more than magic during the calls by being the space for everyone to be themselves and remind us that "we are not alone & Yes...the Universe has your back" what else is possible, now?

JULY Q&A CALL #1 - THURSDAY, JULY 18th @ 3:00pm EDT

(your time in the world)

JULY Q&A CALL #2 - WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st @ 3:30pm EDT

(your time in the world)



What would it be like to have unwavering confidence
that the Universe truly does have your back?

What kind of life would you create

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