Is it time to have fun again… with your body?
… your partners body? Any body?


My husband and I recently chose the 3 Day Body Class with Dr. Anthony Mattis and HOLY CRAP!!! It changed our entire world. We have been together for 25 years and have an amazing relationship, however, this class and the ASB sessions with Dr. Anthony brought up all the little things I had been trying to hide and pretend were not there. All the points of view that had been sticking me for years about my body, about my sexualness and about the possibility of losing my husband came up during this class. I had a choice to be a control freak of magnitude, push it all back down and pretend everything was fine, or to be more vulnerable with myself than ever before, look at it head on and choose to change it.

At the end of the 3rd day my husband and I both were willing to be a level of intimacy we had never been willing to be with one another before. Our willingness to go there was ignited by our awareness of how much greater it would create if we chose to dive into this uncomfortable space, have conversation around what was coming up and choose to change it. This conversation exponentialized the honor, trust, allowance, vulnerability, and gratitude we have for one another in such a beyond this reality kind of way.

This class and Dr. Anthony’s ASB sessions not only created the space for all of that to occur, but it also turned up our level of receiving and sexualness. It melted us and invited us to a space far greater than any we have had in our 25 years together and we are still asking for more.

Taking this class with my partner, my love, my best friend was one of the greatest choices I have ever made and that we have ever made as a couple. After 25 years I love, adore and have so much more gratitude for all he BE and all WE BE than the day I married him, and how does it get better than this?

Dr. Anthony my body overflows with gratitude for the space and the invitation to greater you and your body BE. How did I get so lucky?