Have you ever known someone is there for you - completely? With absolutely no judgment?


Welcome to a sneak peak of the "I Got Your Back" Monthly Membership!

"I started this program from the total gratitude that I have for Dr. Dain Heer & Gary Douglas... these 2 amazing men have had my back through a thousand ups and downs, and it has changed my life in ways I still can't believe.

I would like to extend this to you... 

Bring your questions and your vulnerability...

"What will the world be like when we actually have each others back?"  - Dr. Anthony Mattis


Up until now, this monthly call has only been available to those who have had a session, or been in a class with me.

Join us for this special invitation to this month's call... and if you would like to keep playing in, and receiving from this energy, you will be invited to join the monthly membership.


What energy, space, consciousness and choice, magic, miracles, mysteries and possibilities can you and your body be to create a reality beyond this reality right away with total ease?


One hour Zoom call with Anthony.

$45 USD



Dr Anthony’s contribution to me living an amazing life is beyond words. Whether it’s IGYB, 3-day Body, ASB sessions, book clubs, entity classes.

Specifically, the IGYB is a judgement-free space that I can count on every month. Here is someone who truly has your back and will have your back again the next month, and so on. His tools and facilitation for me and the whole group gets me out of life’s hot water everytime. It goes places whereever the topic, question or issue takes. No holds barred. The energy is expansive. Growing up being suspicious if the adults can truly have my back, it's a real treat to be here.

IGYB is one of the best life choices and investments I’ve made.


I’ve Got Your Back Monthly Calls are a reminder that the universe truly has my back. I’m grateful for Anthony’s facilitation; it continues to invite me back to a sense of humor and possibilities.

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