Welcome to the world of ASB, where your unreachable limitations die and only possibilities exist!


Have you ever felt powerless with the energies of abuse? Judgment is one of the greatest forms of abuse on the planet, and it invalidates you, the being.

How often do you judge you, or buy other people’s judgments of you, or them, as your own? What if it’s possible to get to a level of communion and awareness that allows you to totally go beyond it? 

Utilizing the energies of ASB (Anthony’s Synthesis of Being), this series will invite you to have more communion and connection with you, the being, and your body. It's where a space begins to open up in your universe where you begin to have more of you, the potency of you and recognize and tap into the gift that you are to the world.

Is now the time to go beyond Abuse???

This class was recorded April 2021


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  • $299 USD
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  • This class was translated into Italian, Portuguese, Slovak and Spanish.


$299 USD