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AUGUST 12 & 13 @ 12PM EST

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A 1 day Specialty Class with Right Voice For You

The age old adage of “Practice makes perfect” seems to be the point of view we’re taught to adopt. But public speaking is listed as the top fear — even above death. And so how to you get to practicing something you can’t seem to get over being afraid of in the first place?

There are actually tools to begin identifying and changing what’s really going on for you before you ever even get to the stage, that make both the speaking and being you, easier.

Is this you?

• aware that you’d like to be speaking to audiences but terrified to start
• afraid that you’ll forget what you want to say and be standing up there naked and stupid
• every time you think of speaking you break out in a cold sweat and start shaking
• you get up to speak and your voice shakes and even worse, you’re not yourself
• avoiding this one thing that you know you’d really like to do

Most of the tools out there teach you how to prepare a speech, or how to write down your tips, and tell you to practice the same speech over and over, which seems like a practical set of tools, but don’t address the ‘you’ part.
Welcome to a body of tools that facilitates you in how to “be” you, be comfortable, even be excited about being in front of people!

In this one day Right Voice for You class, you may:

• discover that you are way more natural a speaker than you ever knew
• realize that you enjoy being in front of people

You might learn:

• how to pull energy from your audience to engage them before you ever open your mouth
• how to read your audience and change what you’re saying to speak to them
• what to do with all of the butterflies, nerves and stage fright
• what you can create to prompt you through the gist of your
• how you can use your body to contribute, instead of feeling
like you have an extra set of alien arms
• how to speak about anything, with ease