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I have been using the tools of Access Consciousness for the past eleven years and they have basically changed every area of my life. When I came to Access, my wife of 10 years, had recently passed away and I was raising three small children on my own. I was on my knees looking for answers. I had studied every modality under the sun from Christian Coaching to Spiritual Bird Calls. 

When I stumbled upon the tools of Access Consciousness I was so disenfranchised from the lack of success I have garnered from the other modalities, that I was very apprehensive about the tools. But I started using them and got so much change despite my resistance that I couldn't deny their power.

Eleven years later, I travel the world empowering people to know that they know. We have all come from different walks of life and encountered really difficult circumstances. And we each have a whole reality available to us that only we can create. I invite you on this journey with me to a greater possibility and a greater world. What if you are the gift and the change the world requires?

An Invitation to the Symphony 

Are you ready to be the energetic composer of a different reality?


Are you aware that your capacities with energies are unique? Do you know that the way you resonate with the world is a fantastic, phenomenal and an absolute gift?

In working with one person, everyone is invited to that change. You and your body will be introduced to a level of being and energetic awareness that goes beyond everything you’ve experienced before.


Universe Has Your Back

What if the one thing that has always, and will always be there with no judgment or point of view is...the Universe?!?!

This monthly membership was started from the total gratitude that I have for Dr. Dain Heer & Gary Douglas... these 2 amazing men have had my back through a thousand ups and downs, and it has changed my life in ways I still can't believe.

What would it be like to have unwavering confidence that the Universe truly does have your back?

What kind of life would you create?

Private sessions are an invitation for you to find you, to create the life you never thought possible.


Whether online or in-person around the world, you are invited to have more communion and connection with you, the being, and your body. 

Are you will to have a space begin to open up in your universe where you begin to have more of you, the potency of you and recognize and tap into the gift that you are to the world?

For questions, email my team at [email protected].


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JULY 2024





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