"Anthony really a gift and energy that he be's and a space that he opens and unlocks."


"My session opened doors I didn't even imagine existed."


"It was the best ESB session I've ever had!"


"It's like when magic occurs."


"My Skype session with Dr Anthony Mattis was anything but “remote”. The path of personal growth, of letting go of emotional traumas and memories, and of healing the energetic wounds of the past require trust. Finding someone who can feel and understand who you are and what you’ve experienced is key to the healing process. Dr Anthony is that person. He is a blessing perfect combination of professionalism and caring, and I would encourage anyone with a desire to expand their space and hearts and know their true self to work with him. Don't choose if you like who and where you are Being now! "

Kiev Blonde
August 4, 2015

"OMG ~ the changes in my body and being are phenomenal already! ….last evening was amazing …perceiving energy x godzillion…super grateful!! ….I wonder what truly is possible now?!? I’m so grateful….thank you, Anthony! "

Lorraine Frongillo
May 15, 2018

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