Healing, Magic and Dr. Anthony Mattis

Meet Dr. Anthony Mattis - 3 Day Body Class Facilitator coming to Auckland, New Zealand January 25-27, 2019! Join the...

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Do you have an Entity Entourage?

Do you have an entity entourage? Is it time to party with your paranormal posse? You might be surprised! Pleasantly s...

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Bodies and Magic - What magic does your body know?

Join Dr. Anthony Mattis with prominent Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators from New Zealand as they ask him q...

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The Art Of Being A Body Whisperer - Free Zoom

 Join Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators, Dr Anthony Mattis & Patina Edwards as they look at the Ar...

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Would you like to play DOCTOR?

  "2 Doctor's walk into a Bars session, and one says to the other..."  You'll have to join the FREE ZOOM ...

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Getting Clear With Dr Anthony Mattis

What do you truly desire? If you were truly being all of you who, who would you choose to be? I would like to invite...

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Breaking Down Stereotypes

Breaking Down The Stereotypes – WHAT IT TAKES TO BE YOU IN THE WORLD  Conversations in consciousness and ...

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