ВОПЛОТИТЬСЯ или НЕ ВОПЛОТИТЬСЯ? Вот в чем вопрос | To Embody or NOT to Embody? | Encarnar ou NÃO Encarnar?

ВОПЛОТИТЬСЯ или НЕ ВОПЛОТИТЬСЯ? Вот в чем вопрос  Присоединяйтесь к Шеннон О'Хара и д-ру Энтони Маттису, экспертам п...

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Bodies and Magic - What magic does your body know?

Join Dr. Anthony Mattis with prominent Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators from New Zealand as they ask him q...

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Lets Talk to Entities!

Are you into energy? Consciousness? Would you like to know more about entities? For FREE?! If the answer is a big YES...

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Do you have an Entity Entourage?

Do you have an entity entourage? Is it time to party with your paranormal posse? You might be surprised! Pleasantly s...

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