3 Tips to Change Anything with Your Body

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2022

Our bodies are the gift we chose in order to experience the greatness and lightness of living on planet earth. 

We were not taught to use our bodies that way. Not only do we not use our bodies for their greatness, we usually judge the heck out of them. 

I have a few favorite tools for working with your body, so that you can work with it, through question, not against it, through judgment. In Access Consciousness we always say that a question empowers and an answer disempowers. 

You have to learn to ask your body questions. As a chiropractor and an Access Facilitator I talk to a lot of people who ask their body a question, but can't hear the awareness it delivers back to them. 

Not to worry. 

Even when you don't get a clear answer back from your body, your body is listening and each question you ask your willingness to ask begins to create the relationship between you and it. Your body is a conscious organism that only desires to gift to you. 

Here are some of the most potent tools of Access Consciousness for changing things in the body: 


Tool #1:

How do you change something that isn't working in your body? 

It's simple. Ask, "Body, Show me how we can get rid of this?"

You can ask once, or you can ask every day. You don't have to wait for the answer, just ask, and go about your day. 


Tool #2 

It's important to remember that some bodies love having excess weight, and you have to know if your body does. I see many bodies who have excess weight that are beautiful and are designed that way. You don't want to try to turn your body into something it doesn't desire to be. 

To empower your body to be what it would like to be ask "Body, what would you like to look like?" 

 And your body will show you. 


Tool #3

NEVER ask your body to lose weight. Your body doesn't want to be told you want to get rid of it, or lose it. It won't respond to that kind of request. If you get your body would like to change shape you can ask it this question: "Body what would it take for you to be lithe, lean and limber?"  

If you keep asking, and are not vested in the outcome, your body will lead you to what it needs to change shape, lose weight, IF that's what it desires, and have a greater possibility than you ever imagined. 

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