How to Tell if A Deceased Relative is Talking to You

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2021

TW: Suicide
So how do you know when a deceased relative is talking to you?

Well, I want to share a personal story of a time in my life long before I took any Talk to the Entities classes and decided to be a facilitator and facilitate these amazing tools, which, by the way, were created by Shannon O'Hara.

Over 10 years ago, the mother of my children,
committed suicide,
she had suffered from bipolar on and off since she was 17 years old,
she decided to leave the planet when she was 30.

For the first year,
I was in an intense state of grieving,
it wasn't something that I thought she was going to choose.

At that time in her life, the kids were only 10, eight and two and a half.
And it was something that she was adamantly opposed to doing.
So, I was in shock. We all were in shock.

That year when the holidays came around,
I was like, there's no way in hell,
I'm doing Christmas in the traditional way.

So, a few things to know about the kids mom:
she loved going on road trips,
she loved going to...

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Being You with the Unseen with ASB

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2021

When you're talking about the unseen,
you're not really talking about anything that's definable.
There really is no definition.

It's that space that goes beyond the five senses,
it goes beyond the logical mind,
it's that space that goes beyond any kind of definition,
or form and structure,
or linear way of thinking or being in the world.

It’s not just for a select few,
this is a possibility for you,
for everyone.
And it can add this whole other dimension to your life.

Seven years ago, both Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer,
the Founder and Co-Creator of Access Consciousness,
affectionately coined my sessions
ASB (Anthony’s Synthesis of Being),
and it comes from the amazing body of work
called ESB, created by Dr. Dain.

When ASB was first discovered,
it was my first time working on Gary Douglas,
I remember getting the sense that this would be different than
just chiropractic care,
which is what my main profession was.

I remember I laid my hands on him,
and lowered my barriers,...

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4 Steps to Having Ease with the Spirit World

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2021

4 Steps to Having Ease with the Spirit World
(TW: Suicide)

When I first began my journey with the talk to the entities tools,
I remember being angry in the beginning,
I was closed minded for myself,
because I didn't think of myself as a person that
could communicate with the spirit world.
I thought that was maybe something that was only for
the select few out there, like the psychic mediums you see on TV.

It wasn't really easy for me because,
when I initially took the classes
I was there more to get answers from the facilitator,
I wasn't really there to empower myself,
I wasn't really there to even use the tools,
I just wanted to have more information as to why my wife,
the mother of my children, had committed suicide.

I'm sharing this personal stuff because,
I want you to know that it's like,
I've been through some rodeos and county fairs with this whole topic.

And now knowing what I know, it’s like, Oh, My God,
Everyone has the ability to sense, the spirit world,
including myself!...

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Being You with ASB, What I've Learned...

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2021

Being You with ASB, What I've Learned...

At the time of the writing of this blog,
I've been an Access Consciousness facilitator for nine years,

When I first worked on Gary Douglas, and Dr. Dain Heer,
the founders of Access Consciousness,
we found that I had this capacity called, ASB.
ASB is an energy that I've had the privilege to work with
on both of their bodies and beings, for the last seven years.

With ASB, I’ve traveled all over the world
and I’ve worked on 1000s of people's bodies, and beings
from all different cultures, races, religions,
genders and sexual orientations.
That experience has been such a gift.
Here's what I've Learned...

What Have I Learned Through ASB?
Well, one thing that I've learned is,
this reality isn't the only thing that there is.

What I've learned is
that you don't have to be at the effect of your past anymore. 

What I've learned is
that when you have a greater sense of communion
with your body,
and you stop judging your body,
and start being...

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Being You with ASB Creating Your Future!

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2021

Being You with ASB Creating Your Future!
When you talk about the future,
and creating a future
especially lately, many people out there
seem to be in this space of hopelessness,
or it might even be You feeling that hopelessness.

Whatever the case may be,
in the hopelessness,
you can't see your future,
you can't perceive your future,
it's blank.

And a lot of that is just simply because
of all the things that you've decided that were a problem
are more real and true to you than possibilities.

Now I get it, Possibilities -
What even is that?
It’s sort of like it's like ambiguous,
it's vague,
Possibilities aren’t something you can see,
they’re not tangible.
And when you're in that space of hopelessness,
you can't perceive any possibility. 

One of the gifts of Access Consciousness
are the different tools that are provided.
One of those tools, is a kind of energy work that I do,
called ASB which stands for
Anthony Synthesis of Being.

ASB was coined by Dr. Dain Heer,
the co-creator of...

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Being You with ASB and Your Body!

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2021

Being You with ASB and Your Body
ASB is an acronym for Anthony’s Synthesis of Being,
this is an energy that I work with
and it comes from the Energetic Synthesis of Being
that was created by my very good friend, Dr. Dain Heer.

He created this amazing energy work called ESB.
And you get to learn this energy work in the Symphony of Possibilities classes that he facilitates in a four-day weekend workshop.
In these workshops you learn how to be with energy,
be with people's bodies,
be with people's beings.
By Being You.

What if You Are Enough?
When you're being all of you,
while you are working on a client
Or working on a group of people,
what if you showing up as all of you,
with a total space of vulnerability is enough?

It's enough to change their realities,
it’s enough to invite the person that you're working on
to a completely different space of possibilities.

It's not about fixing their body.
It's about being the space for their bodies,
so their bodies...

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What's the Value of Keeping Skeletons in Your Closet?

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2021

What's the Value of Keeping Skeletons in Your Closet?

Skeletons in the closet, is a figure of speech.
When we keep skeletons in the closet, it's a way of saying that,
whatever you decided the most judgmental things are about you,
you kind of keep them in your closet, 
and you close the door, 
you keep it hidden, 
because you don't want the world to see it.

So, whatever you decided is sort of like your most embarrassing traits, 
or maybe experiences that you've had; traumas, dramas, 
whatever things that you're ashamed of, 
past dysfunctional relationships, 
past failures 
you kind of lock them away in your closet.

And you don't want to reveal that stuff because you're sort of ashamed of it, 
or you're embarrassed.

A lot of our points of views are that if we were to reveal our skeletons,
then people wouldn't like us anymore,
people might go away,
or maybe we're finally in a new relationship,
or we have a new job and don’t want anything to...

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Who or What Are You Waiting For to Give You the Green Light?

access consciousness Sep 06, 2021

What does it mean when you are waiting for someone to give you the Green Light?

For me, it was like, I needed permission just to be me.
I had always been told that I was too much. 

I was told Anthony, you’re way too much, you’re too deep, too intense, too this, too that.

When I started Access Consciousness nine years ago I remember Gary Douglas, the founder, asked me,
“How much longer are you going to actually be fighting to be normal or trying to stay normal?”

And I was like, Oh my God!

It was the first time someone who actually saw me, who didn’t judge me, gave me permission for me to be all of me!

That was Huge!
It was a Huge Green Light for me!

Another time, Dr. Dain Heer, who is very good friend of mine, and the Co-Creator of Access Consciousness, he said,
“Anthony, we need you to be too much.”

That’s when I realized that, as an Access Consciousness facilitator there is no such thing as too much.

The people you facilitate...

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Why NOT Access Consciousness?

A friend of mine asked me to watch a documentary called Reconnect and it was interesting. There is no such thing as coincidence, you know, and the reason I was willing to watch the documentary was because in the last several Access Consciousness 3 Day Body classes I’ve facilitated, several people have asked me what my thoughts on ayahuasca are. 

Ayahuasca, for those of you who don’t know, is a psychedelic herb that grows in South America and is probably manufactured in other places now too. People take ayahuasca to go on these psychedelic trips and journeys to access more consciousness, so to speak. They’re guided by Shamans, keep journals and have awakenings. Ayahuasca is used for healing as well. 

Right off the bat, I’m not here to be critical of peoples’ choice to do ayahuasca. That’s not what I’m trying to do here. It’s just that one thing we’ve learned in Access Consciousness is that whenever you do drugs of any...

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My Journey to Spirit Awareness

entities Oct 07, 2020


You might think it’s all imagination but it’s not. It’s your knowing. 

I came in able to work with bodies. That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. I was a personal trainer, then a chiropractor. Bodies are something that’s easy for me. I didn’t think I was an energy worker. Entities and ghosts? That’s something you pay someone to talk to your dead relatives for. It’s for those people. 

I’ve had chronic, low grade depression. I’d have outbursts of anger, rage, fury and hate. Why? Because I was frustrated. I knew I had abilities but I had nowhere to go with them and that created a fight within me always feeling less and knowing I’m more.  I couldn’t go to my church elders and I had to hide me, I was totally hopeless and felt alone. Finally, in Access Consciousness things just started to swoosh. Gary Douglas the creator of Access Consciousness discovered unique capacities within me...

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