4 Steps to Having Ease with the Spirit World

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2021

4 Steps to Having Ease with the Spirit World
(TW: Suicide)

When I first began my journey with the talk to the entities tools,

I remember being angry in the beginning,

I was closed minded for myself, 

because I didn't think of myself as a person that 

could communicate with the spirit world.

I thought that was maybe something that was only for 

the select few out there, like the psychic mediums you see on TV.

It wasn't really easy for me because,

when I initially took the classes

I was there more to get answers from the facilitator,

I wasn't really there to empower myself,

I wasn't really there to even use the tools, 

I just wanted to have more information as to why my wife,
the mother of my children,
 had committed suicide.

I'm sharing this personal stuff because, 

I want you to know that it's like, 

I've been through some rodeos and county fairs with this whole topic.

And now knowing what I know, it’s like, Oh, My God,

Everyone has the ability to sense, the spirit world, 

including myself! And its so weird!

But it wasn't until I wanted to

know how to get better at my facilitation

as an Access Consciousness facilitator, 
and as an energy worker,
 I got this awareness that I really needed to dive into
the Talk To The Entities Classes.

I know that if my late wife had this information,

I have no doubt in my mind, she'd still be alive today.

Now, you may not be someone who's suicidal, 

And that's fine. It doesn't mean that this work, isn’t for you…

Maybe you have body issues.
Maybe you have a lot of body pain.

Maybe you're suffering from insomnia.
Maybe you're suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome,
Maybe you're suffering from depression or paranoia, or you think everybody's out to get you. 

What if those were entity awareness symptoms?

Or maybe you're one of those people that are on a bunch of meds,
You’ve been to a bunch of different therapists,
you've read a lot of books,
you've done a lot of motivational seminars,
you've been to all the holistic healers. 
And still you're struggling. 
I've studied a lot of different modalities,
and I tell you, there’s nothing else that exists like this on this planet.

So what are the four steps to having ease with the spirit world?

#1 Clearing.

Now, clearing typically usually deals with anywhere from 60 to 80%
of entity activity.
 I've personally found that
I needed to use a combination of the different steps
that I'm going to share with you.
But in the beginning, clearings are the easiest thing to do.
There are these clearing statements that we’ll teach you in Access Consciousness and Talk to the Entities Beginners Class.

#2 Communicating 

Now I know some of you might be like, 

What do you mean? 
I can't see them, I can't hear them!

I was one of those people too. 

What if it really is just a matter of discovering

how you perceive the spirit world?

There is no one way to perceive the spirit world.

That's your own unique thing, 
it is a new muscle that you must build. 

So you sort of have to be patient.

And you'll be surprised if you use the tools, 

how quickly it starts to enhance your ability
to perceive the spirit world with ease.

#3 Receiving

I know a lot of people think if they
 start to receive from the spirit world,

that they’re going to open a big Pandora's box.

Well, what if that was just an interesting point of view?

What if that was a myth?

What if the reason there is so much fear around this is that

we bought the lies, we bought the myths, 

we've bought the superstitions, as real and true. 

What if the spirits would like to contribute to you? 

And to be honest, 
for a lot of psychics, mediums, and empaths,

Usually their bodies are beaten down. 

They're depressed, they're struggling.

These tools can change that. 

#4 Negotiation
Some entities are stubborn.

Some of them are not going to leave the house 

because their house is the one they built. 

And it’s more real and true for them to be stuck in that same old pattern. 
With Negotiation, you get to have a conversation with them. 

This is how I do it,

I would talk like I would to my friends that have bodies.

I’ll be like, “Yo!, you guys don't have a body anymore.

It's 2021 I get you built this house in 1925.

So what do you need a house for if you don’t have a body anymore?”

And poof! Something can change!

And that's what's worked for me. 

In these classes you get to discover what works for you.

So the four steps to handling the spirit world with ease,
are Clearing, Communicating, Receiving, and Negotiating.

If you’d like to explore the four steps further,
You can join me at one of my classes either Live or Online.

Or go to, www.talktotheentities.com and find a facilitator. 

We're all over the world and we're here to help you to 
make your life easier and to empower you.

Hope to see you someday in person soon,
~Dr. Anthony

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