My Journey to Spirit Awareness

entities Oct 07, 2020


You might think it’s all imagination but it’s not. It’s your knowing. 

I came in able to work with bodies. That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. I was a personal trainer, then a chiropractor. Bodies are something that’s easy for me. I didn’t think I was an energy worker. Entities and ghosts? That’s something you pay someone to talk to your dead relatives for. It’s for those people. 

I’ve had chronic, low grade depression. I’d have outbursts of anger, rage, fury and hate. Why? Because I was frustrated. I knew I had abilities but I had nowhere to go with them and that created a fight within me always feeling less and knowing I’m more.  I couldn’t go to my church elders and I had to hide me, I was totally hopeless and felt alone. Finally, in Access Consciousness things just started to swoosh. Gary Douglas the creator of Access Consciousness discovered unique capacities within me...

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