My Journey to Spirit Awareness

entities Oct 07, 2020


You might think it’s all imagination but it’s not. It’s your knowing. 

I came in able to work with bodies. That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. I was a personal trainer, then a chiropractor. Bodies are something that’s easy for me. I didn’t think I was an energy worker. Entities and ghosts? That’s something you pay someone to talk to your dead relatives for. It’s for those people. 

I’ve had chronic, low grade depression. I’d have outbursts of anger, rage, fury and hate. Why? Because I was frustrated. I knew I had abilities but I had nowhere to go with them and that created a fight within me always feeling less and knowing I’m more.  I couldn’t go to my church elders and I had to hide me, I was totally hopeless and felt alone. Finally, in Access Consciousness things just started to swoosh. Gary Douglas the creator of Access Consciousness discovered unique capacities within me that was an acknowledgement of my very being.  

But several years, into my journey, even though my life becoming great,  I was beginning to “feel” that low grade chronic depression starting to take over. At least in the past I used to be sad because my life never seemed to be working out.  I was always riddled with struggle and heart ache,  but now my life was great and I couldn’t get rid of the depression. It was like looking at my amazing life through this dirty glass window.  I could see that I is was becoming great but I couldn't perceive it viscerally.

There’s no formula when you’re doing consciousness. Do it your way. There is no right or wrong here. Find what works for you. You may not get the specific, linear information but you will get the download and the awareness. You can get the energetics of it. How do you do that? You ask, “what do I need to be aware of here?” 

For me, in that moment of depression, I had to go deeper and ask, “am I having entity awareness?” 

I suddenly became aware of 3 people who were dear to me that had committed suicide.  A patient of mine, my mother in law, and my first wife.  You can almost perceive their sadness in their universe so I began using the tools of Talk to The Entities and began a conversation with all three.  I felt weird doing it because I never thought of myself as having entity awareness.  So I realized that my first wife (the children’s mother) really wanted to be with her kids and watch them grow up but I said, “Hey, if you’re gonna hang around, you need to be a contribution and not be this heavy energy because it doesn’t work for me. I’m remarried now.” 

And then I started to realize I had a capacity to work with entities and energies. Doors keep opening. Infinite doors. It can be like that for you if you allow and are willing to lower your barriers - if you’re willing to receive it and be a little uncomfortable sometimes - if you’re willing to be different and not judge yourself, you can have it too. 

My son was only 7 years old when his mother started having her bipolar episode and decided to take her own life. When I asked her why she was trying to kill herself, she said that she saw a demon and I said, “Oh, like where? Running around the house?” 

“It’s inside of me,” she said. At the time we were Christian so the promises of the Bible were that if you believe in Jesus, you have the blood of Christ and that is the breastplate of armor, that is the protection so no demons can get in.  The bible also said that if you have faith at least the size of a mustard seed that you will be covered from this sort of attract.  Well, I know that she had at least the faith of a watermelon and I a cantaloupe.

We were at the hospital and I asked my wife, “If the demon is inside of you and you kill it, you’re going for the ride too. Is that what you want? Do you want your children to be motherless?” Knowing what I know now, my wife, Jessica, did have entity awareness. There was a demon inside her. 

In reality, there is no demon that is more powerful than us. It’s only our points of view of ourselves that make us feel small and pathetic. 

Religions will say, “What did you do to let the devil in. Did you lose faith? Maybe you’ve sinned.” as though there’s something wrong. That automatically puts the person in judgment of themselves. Can you see the despair and hopelessness this creates in a person’s Universe? No wonder why some people might choose suicide. They see no hope and no possibility. Unfortunately, when you kill yourself, you take yourself with you. So whatever my first wife had to work out, she still has to work out now as a ghost. Wtf?

My life was difficult but it has exponentially gotten better and that’s a double edged sword. Grieving and my life getting better? What I came to was, did my wife actually have an awareness of what needed to get created? Did she know that maybe, if she was to remove herself, it would create space for the kids and I to be? Had she not made that choice I’d still be in the church functioning from all those judgments. 

As I’ve stepped up and done more Access Consciousness, there was a time I had so much energy and anxiety and pulsation and I just started to cry, not from sadness but like, tears of gratitude because I realized that this is more than just getting you through your suffering. There is actual, palpable magic to access for you in your life. And magic is a tiny, little word compared to what’s actually available. 

A lot of people are suffering because they have these awarenesses and no place to go with them. They can’t go to church because anything outside of that box makes them wrong. Or they get heavily medicated to cut off their awareness. While they’re medicated their awareness is constantly trying to push through the meds. 

You can’t run or hide from your awareness.

My oldest son is in the Marine’s. What’s he going to do? He has way more entity awareness than I do and what, he can’t go to his Sargeant and say, “Yo, Sarg. I had a whole bunch of entities keeping me up all night. My mother was bothering me and keeping me up.” He can’t have that conversation in the military. They’d kick him out. They’d give him some kind of discharge. 

People who've been diagnosed by the medical community with a mental disorder like bipolar or schizophrenia have spirits talking to them or they think they have demons inside of them. But everybody tells them it can’t be so, that it’s all in their mind, and that they’re crazy. They’re told to take medicine so they don’t hallucinate. 

Mental illness is a thing but maybe it’s not the thing we’ve made it to be. What if we could change the face of mental illness on the entire planet?

The only reason we get scared of the spirit world and energy is because it’s not something we’re used to. It’s not something we practice everyday. Nobody taught us this. Can you imagine if you were taught to deal with spirits and entities your whole life? It would be no big deal. You would just do it. Imagine if the people who commit suicide because they think they have a demon inside (and they were correct), had this information. Would it create a little more hope in their lives? 

What if talking about the spirit world was just a normal part of your life. Like, “oh, I undid 7 demons today and cleared 25 lifetimes of entities and I had a hamburger for lunch today.” What it if could be an everyday conversation with no significance?

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