Being You with ASB, What I've Learned...

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2021

Being You with ASB, What I've Learned...

At the time of the writing of this blog,
I've been an Access Consciousness facilitator for nine years,

When I first worked on Gary Douglas, and Dr. Dain Heer,
the founders of Access Consciousness,
we found that I had this capacity called, ASB.
ASB is an energy that I've had the privilege to work with
on both of their bodies and beings, for the last seven years.

With ASB, I’ve traveled all over the world
and I’ve worked on 1000s of people's bodies, and beings
from all different cultures, races, religions,
genders and sexual orientations.
That experience has been such a gift.
Here's what I've Learned...

What Have I Learned Through ASB?
Well, one thing that I've learned is, 

this reality isn't the only thing that there is. 

What I've learned is
that you don't have to be at the effect of your past anymore. 

What I've learned is
that when you have a greater sense of communion
with your body,
and you stop judging your body,
and start being with your body,
you can have more joy, more fun,
and more happiness in your life. 

What I've learned is
that people who have had abuse
who have checked out of their body,
they actually check back in, literally,
and they have this greater sense of communion and possibility for the first time in their life. 

What I've learned is
that even if I feel like a piece of shit
about myself that day,
as long as I'm being in the question,
as long as I'm being energy, space and consciousness
I can still experience the magic of this work. 

How do you be energy, space and consciousness?
You ASK, "what energy space and consciousness can I be?"

I’ve learned that
It's not about doing anything, but being you,
showing up as you because your unique energies,
whatever they are, whatever makes up your being
is a contribution to the people that you work with, or work on. 

No Sexuality, No Gender

What I’ve learned is,
when you're actually in the space of this energy,

there is no sexuality. 
There is no gender.

One of the biggest things that hit me was,
during the second month that I was doing sessions.

I was working on a man and a woman.
About halfway through the session, I'm like, wait a minute,
who's the guy and who's the girl? 
It didn't matter.

I couldn't tell the difference, because I was working with their Beings.

There was no male or female anymore, just these two Beings that had just happened to have a body that was a female body or happened to have a body that was a male body.
Perceiving that and experiencing that was so cool.


Another thing that I've learned is
that there's no certain way that proves that a person is receiving.
Some people laugh hysterically,
some people fall asleep, and they're snoring.
Some people might be there zoned out,
or thinking like crazy, and they're not receiving at all.

I don’t ever have a point of view about any of that.
What if however anybody shows up with me is Awesome. 

There's nothing wrong with anyway you choose to be in my sessions. 

If I sense that you are not receiving, 
That’s OK. 
What if that is where you get to have that awareness?
What if, that's where you'll get to perceive that you’re making
thoughts, feelings, emotions, and constant thinking all the time
more real and valuable and true? 
And it keeps you from receiving anything,
it keeps you from actually being aware of anything.
If you can perceive that, that is such a great awareness to have! 
When you become aware of something, you can change it!

For practitioners, this is gold.
When you see that a person is in their head,
you as the person facilitating,
you can just say, “Hey, if you're thinking about
a bunch of things, that is a form of barriers,
would you mind just asking your barriers to come down?”
And be in allowance of whatever shows up,
be in allowance of it all.

In my experience with ASB and Access Consciousness, 

We've created a lot,
we’ve created a lot hope for people. 

Where there's hope, there are possibilities, 

and where there are possibilities, there’s hope, a new space. 

And when you're being you, working with energy.
It's always a learning lesson,
because this is one of the few modalities
that exists,
where the person who's giving, is receiving as well. 

And if you are willing to actually receive
and change your whole entire reality,

That is a huge gift to the world.

Hope to See you in person someday,
~Dr. Anthony

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