Being You with ASB Creating Your Future!

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2021

Being You with ASB Creating Your Future!
When you talk about the future,
and creating a future
especially lately, many people out there

seem to be in this space of hopelessness,

or it might even be You feeling that hopelessness.

Whatever the case may be,

in the hopelessness,

you can't see your future,

you can't perceive your future,

it's blank.

And a lot of that is just simply because

of all the things that you've decided that were a problem

are more real and true to you than possibilities.

Now I get it, Possibilities - 

What even is that?

It’s sort of like it's like ambiguous,
it's vague,

Possibilities aren’t something you can see,
they’re not tangible.

And when you're in that space of hopelessness,

you can't perceive any possibility. 

One of the gifts of Access Consciousness

are the different tools that are provided. 

One of those tools,
 is a kind of energy work that I do,

called ASB which stands for

Anthony Synthesis of Being.

ASB was coined by Dr. Dain Heer,

the co-creator of Access Consciousness,
and the creator of ESB Energetic Synthesis of Being,

ESB is another special kind of energy work
that you can learn to do

in the Symphony of Possibilities Classes.

ASB is what we’ve discovered and cultivated through my own
experiences through the years with those classes.

So, for over seven years,
I've been doing ASB 
all around the world.

I’ve worked on thousands of bodies. 

On people of all ethnicities, background, statuses, and cultures.

From that experience,
One of the biggest things that I've learned

is that ASB has this amazing way of creating Space. 

Space from those problems,

Space from that abuse, 

creating Space between you and that thing
you’ve decided is limiting you.

What if, to create your future,
there's Space that needs to get created
so that you're not defined by your past, 

so you're not defined by the judgments that you have of you,
so you're not defined by the judgments that you're aware of that others have of you. 

And when you have that Space,

when you can perceive that Space of possibilities, 

From there, what if you can then make a choice?

It's like, that's the space where you can start creating

and adding things to your life. 

When that space gets created,
a tool, a question you could ask is: 

Now that the space has been created,

What can I choose today that will create the future I desire right away?

This is the gift that these tools are, and ASB is

they can create a blank canvas for you.

So what future would you like to create?
And what choices can you make today to create that future right away?

We’ll be taking a much deeper dive into 
Creating Your Future with ASB
in the class that is coming up on November 4th, and more tools to create that Space in all the Being You with ASB classes.

I hope to meet you in person someday soon.

~Dr. Anthony

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