How to Tell if A Deceased Relative is Talking to You

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2021

TW: Suicide
So how do you know when a deceased relative is talking to you?

Well, I want to share a personal story of a time in my life long before I took any Talk to the Entities classes and decided to be a facilitator and facilitate these amazing tools, which, by the way, were created by Shannon O'Hara.

Over 10 years ago, the mother of my children,
committed suicide,
she had suffered from bipolar on and off since she was 17 years old,
she decided to leave the planet when she was 30.

For the first year,
I was in an intense state of grieving,
it wasn't something that I thought she was going to choose.

At that time in her life, the kids were only 10, eight and two and a half.
And it was something that she was adamantly opposed to doing.
So, I was in shock. We all were in shock.

That year when the holidays came around,
I was like, there's no way in hell,
I'm doing Christmas in the traditional way.

So, a few things to know about the kids mom:
she loved going on road trips,
she loved going to the amusement park,
she especially loved going to Disney World,
And she loved reggae music.

So I said to the kids, what do you guys think about going to Disney World for Christmas?
And they were like, Yeah, that would be so much fun.

Well, the minute we all got in the car,
to drive to Disney World,
I swear to you reggae music pops on.

At that time, I hardly listened to music stations,
I was more into my Sports Talk radio then.

And another time we looked at the clock and it was 11:11,
My late wife was into numerology and signs like 11:11 and
Again, the kids were like, Dad, look, 11:11 mom's here!

Now, keep in mind, I did not have
and of the talk to the entities tools at the at that time.
But knowing what I know now, I'm like that was totally her.

When we got to Disney,
sure enough, as soon as we get there,
we walk into, a souvenir shop.
And there were shirts right in the front with her name on them!
And we just all knew that she was with us!

So you don't even have to take a talk to the entities class or have the tools to know that your deceased loved ones are around you.

Now let’s take things a step further,
What if your body could tell you that
your deceased loved ones are around you?

What if you started having stomach pain?
Like if you are going about your day and suddenly your stomach hurts.
In Access, rather than identifying that as our own,
we ask you the question,
“Who does this belong to?”
We may also ask things like, “Does this belong to someone with a body or without?

If you get, someone without a body,
then you can Ask, Who had stomach pain that I know?
Let’s say Grandma, died of a stomach ailment,
and oh my god, Grandma, she's here!

And then what happens from there is
in the Talk to the Entities classes
you learn how to communicate with grandma,
send grandma on her way,
you can even receive contributions from Grandma.

Sometimes, relatives won’t want to leave
until they've been able to gift you something energetically
or maybe they want something from you,
maybe they have a message for you, for you personally,
or maybe for one of your other relatives
that they would like you to pass on.

And then around the holidays,
I would get really, really, really depressed,
which is a common thing for people
who are still alive when they've lost a loved one.

Well, What if it’s actually your deceased relative who is sad?
They could be sad that they don't have a body anymore.
That they can’t be with you physically, to touch you or smell you,
to maybe say something to you that they wish they would have said when they had a body.

So, the minute we have something going on with our body, the minute we have something going on with our mind, or
we're struggling with thoughts, feelings, and emotions…

Whatever it is, you want to ask, who does this belong to?
Because what if it's one of your deceased loved ones hanging around?

Yes, they can even attend classes with you too.
Be sure to check my schedule of events for the next Talk to the Entities class I have coming up.

And I know now without a shadow of a doubt, my late wife has been with me in just about all the Access Consciousness classes that I've attended, and I know she's gotten the healing.

So, it's like what do you know that you're not willing to acknowledge that if you were willing to acknowledge it would not only set you free but set your deceased relatives free as well?

I’d love to explore this more with you in a Talk to the Entities class someday soon!
~Dr. Anthony

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