Being You with the Unseen with ASB

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2021

When you're talking about the unseen,

you're not really talking about anything that's definable.
There really is no definition.

It's that space that goes beyond the five senses,
it goes beyond the logical mind,
it's that space that goes beyond any kind of definition,
or form and structure,
or linear way of thinking or being in the world.

It’s not just for a select few, 

this is a possibility for you,
for everyone.
And it can add this whole other dimension to your life. 

Seven years ago, both Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer,
the Founder and Co-Creator of Access Consciousness,
affectionately coined my sessions 

ASB (Anthony’s Synthesis of Being), 

and it comes from the amazing body of work

called ESB, created by 
Dr. Dain.

When ASB was first discovered,

it was my first time working on Gary Douglas, 

I remember getting the sense that this would be different than
just chiropractic care,
which is what my main profession was. 

I remember I laid my hands on him, 

and lowered my barriers,

and got really present.

During the session his body jumped up 

about 3 inches off the table!

I was so worried I had done something terrible,
I asked what happened, and he said that
I had shot a lightning bolt through his body!

I remember that session being
such a magical experience.

If I can describe something
indescribable, it would be
that I was so in oneness with all things,

that my body became transparent.

It was like I could put my hand through my body.

The colors of everything became vivid and brighter.

It was like everything was magnified.

When Gary called me the next day,

he asked, “What was that like for you yesterday?”
I replied that it was Awesome!
I felt like I was like functioning from a different reality,

a different space. 

And he said, “Good”.

And that was the conversation.

And it wasn't until then
I realized that I had always felt like I was just giving in sessions.

I had never felt the receiving as the giver.
It was that simultaneous gifting and receiving,
that space of the Unseen 

that we both experienced in that session.

It’s been about seven years since then

And with ASB, I've gotten to work with people

from all over the world. 

Different cultures, races, religions, beliefs, 

and none of that matters,

because once you access the unseen,
the undefinable, the no form, no structure, 

no linearity and total chaos,
what's available is this whole world of possibilities!

That's the space where I'd like to invite you to,

that space that I had got to. 

Your experience will be your own unique experience, 

you’ll find that your unique energies and capacities
will begin to unlock. 

And it's such a gift. 

And so, if that is something that sounds fun, 

Join me for the Being You with The Unseen class, 

because we're going to play with this amazing energy work 

and see what doorways of possibilities, open up for you.

I’d love to see you there,
Dr. Anthony

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