A Taste of ASB with the Youniverse

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2022

When you were a little kid and you were laying in bed, what were some of the far off dreams that you were aware of? In reality these were not so much dreams, as they were awarenesses of magical possibilities.

I used to dream of love and girls and romance, but in reality that was my awareness of oneness with all things, with all people and all creatures. I have known from the day I came in that there should be no separation between people. It was just that love was the vocabulary I had to describe it.

As little kids we haven’t built the solid walls of this reality yet so these energies often come in to us more strongly. And there were other worlds I was aware of. Worlds that I don’t really have words to describe even to this day. They were just so big, grand and magical, and I knew somewhere, somehow I could Access them.

And I have never given up fighting for that. Life definitely knocked me down, more than most, but I knew the magic was somewhere, even when there were decades it seemed so far away. And this energy eventually became the energy of ASB (Anthony's Synthesis of Being) Sessions.

I knew. And you know.

Basically you have always known, and will always know what is possible between you and the universe. You have a unique capacity for magic that no one else has.

Here are some questions you can use to Access more of that energy, and build on it:

-What am I capable of that no one else is capable of?

-What reality of possibilities beyond this reality can I now perceive, know, be and receive?

-And what choices can I make today to actualize a future beyond my wildest dreams, right away?

You know. You have always known.

Now what if this is the space from which to start living as this magic in totality?

If you would like to join me for more of this energy, I will be doing a Taste of ASB with the Youniverse Class coming up soon! I would love to have you on the journey. 

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