Being You with ASB and Your Body!

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2021

Being You with ASB and Your Body
ASB is an acronym for Anthony’s Synthesis of Being,
this is an energy that I work with
and it comes from the Energetic Synthesis of Being
that was created by my very good friend, Dr. Dain Heer.

He created this amazing energy work called ESB.
And you get to learn this energy work in the Symphony of Possibilities classes that he facilitates in a four-day weekend workshop.
In these workshops you learn how to be with energy,
be with people's bodies,
be with people's beings.
By Being You.

What if You Are Enough?
When you're being all of you,
while you are working on a client
Or working on a group of people,
what if you showing up as all of you,
with a total space of vulnerability is enough?

It's enough to change their realities,
it’s enough to invite the person that you're working on
to a completely different space of possibilities.

It's not about fixing their body.
It's about being the space for their bodies,
so their bodies have a different possibility to reach for.

And when you come to a session with no conclusions
about what the session should be
or what the result should be.
You create infinite possibilities for their body and their being.

You’re Not Doing Energy Work, You’re Being Energy Work
The beautiful thing about the ASB, the ESB and Symphony of Possibilities, SOP,
is that you're not just working on their body,
you’re also working on their Being, as you,
as your Being.

So it’s not really about the Doing as a practitioner,
when you're doing this work,
you’re not really doing energy work,
you're BEing energy work.

The Idea of Being You, Through ASB with Bodies,
Is no matter what you've decided the judgeable things about you are, none of it matters.

When you show up as you,
the being,
which is that space of vulnerability,
not trying to prove anything,

where you're aware of the good,
the bad, and the ugly of you,
and the good and the bad,
and the ugly of them,
but with no point of view,
with no judgment,
that’s where magic happens.

ASB & Being Connected In Oneness
If you're working with, several people at the same time,
which, by the way,
that is a huge contribution to one another.
When you're doing group sessions,
each person's body
and each person's being
contributes to the other
because we're all connected in oneness.

In a group setting,
if I'm working on this person over here,
something in them, when it's unlocked,
changes something in the other person over there.

It’s a way of unlocking things
that I may not be able to get to
working on that person one on one.
And it's a gift for the other people,
and you really get to see how oneness works.

I do Live Group ASB sessions at my Live Classes around the world,
or Dr. Dain’s classes in the back of the room.
I also offer ASB Taster Classes and Being You with ASB Classes Online.

Check out my next Being You with ASB Classes Here.

Hope to see you in person soon,
~Dr Anthony

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