What's the Value of Keeping Skeletons in Your Closet?

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2021

What's the Value of Keeping Skeletons in Your Closet?

Skeletons in the closet, is a figure of speech. 

When we keep skeletons in the closet, it's a way of saying that, 

whatever you decided the most judgmental things are about you, 

you kind of keep them in your closet, 
and you close the door, 
you keep it hidden, 
because you don't want the world to see it. 

So, whatever you decided is sort of like your most embarrassing traits, 
or maybe experiences that you've had; traumas, dramas, 
whatever things that you're ashamed of, 
past dysfunctional relationships, 
past failures 
you kind of lock them away in your closet.

And you don't want to reveal that stuff because you're sort of ashamed of it, 
or you're embarrassed.

A lot of our points of views are that if we were to reveal our skeletons, 

then people wouldn't like us anymore,
people might go away, 

or maybe we're finally in a new relationship, 

or we have a new job and don’t want anything to screw it up.

So What is the value of keeping these skeletons for you?
You might think, well, if I let all my skeletons out of the closet,
my husband will leave me 

or my wife will leave me 

or my girlfriend will leave me 

or she won't see me as a man 

or I'll definitely get fired.

What I've learned through Access Consciousness,

is when you have skeletons in your closet, 

so much of your generative and creative energy is used to keep that closet door shut, to keep those walls and barriers up.

It's like you're not creating your life in a way that is possible,

in a way that would be really generous and expansive
and a contribution to the world
, really.

Access Consciousness empowers people to be vulnerable and open.

Not so that letting out the skeletons, is like dumping your crap on people.

It’s more like having your barriers down.

When you're functioning from a space of vulnerability,

where you let the skeletons out of the closet, so to speak, 

you have nothing to hide, you're functioning as an open wound. 

It might seem like you made yourself a target,
but it’s the opposite. 

When those walls and barriers aren't up,
when you're not keeping those skeletons in the closet,
And you're really functioning from that space of vulnerability,

What that actually creates is this sense of total awareness.  

You can actually see everything,
and be aware of anything predatory that you wouldn’t of seen because you’re too busy trying to hide!

You know, as a Facilitator,
I’m like an open book.

When my walls and barriers are down,

I can perceive, know, be and receive anything and everything.

And it works really well for all of us.

It makes it easy for people to change and let go of stuff.  

People will allow you into their world because they trust you.

Why do they trust you,
because, they can sense that you're not hiding anything,

they can perceive that you're actually being genuine, authentic, and truly vulnerable. 

By the way, Vulnerability and Trust are two of the Five Elements of Intimacy, 

we talk more about the Five elements of Intimacy in class.

So my invitation to you is,

The next time you’d like to keep your barriers up,
What if instead, you looked at it all,
all the crap that keeps having those skeletons be valuable
and ask, 
first off,
is any of this real?  

And if I was willing to be truly transparent and vulnerable here, what would that create?

For the people around you,
for your relationships, 

or if you happen to be in a leadership role,

if you happen to be a doctor,
a counselor,
a teacher,
an Access Consciousness facilitator?

What would that actually create?

Come explore this more in depth with me, a class that I’m facilitating this week called, 
Outshine Your Shy, and Next Week’s Clarity Night on Vulnerability.

Last I checked, the world is requiring us to be everything we came here to be,

now more than ever.

What will you choose?

Hope to see you in person soon.
Dr. Anthony

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