Who or What Are You Waiting For to Give You the Green Light?

access consciousness Sep 06, 2021

What does it mean when you are waiting for someone to give you the Green Light?

For me, it was like, I needed permission just to be me.
I had always been told that I was too much. 

I was told Anthony, you’re way too much, you’re too deep, too intense, too this, too that.

When I started Access Consciousness nine years ago I remember Gary Douglas, the founder, asked me,
“How much longer are you going to actually be fighting to be normal or trying to stay normal?”

And I was like, Oh my God!

It was the first time someone who actually saw me, who didn’t judge me, gave me permission for me to be all of me!

That was Huge!
It was a Huge Green Light for me!

Another time, Dr. Dain Heer, who is very good friend of mine, and the Co-Creator of Access Consciousness, he said,
“Anthony, we need you to be too much.”

That’s when I realized that, as an Access Consciousness facilitator there is no such thing as too much.

The people you facilitate need you to be too much because, in the “too much” is where your potency lies.
It’s in the “too much” is where your gift lies.

If you're not willing to be too much,
then are you’re not being an energy that's required to crack someone's universe and facilitate them through whatever it is that they're going through. 

And so when Gary and Dain, the founders of Access Consciousness are like, “Anthony, I need you to be too much.” I Listen.

You can hear me talk about this more on my recent video here. 

When you have the gift to be around someone who doesn't judge you, it creates this space for you to actually go forward to be you.

If you don’t have that in your life, what would it take to Ask for new people to show up that can remind you of your greatness?
Who won’t allow you to be small.

Another tool that was a Green Light for me is actually one of the 10 Keys to Consciousness.

It’s called, Living Your Life in 10 Second Increments.
“If you only have 10 seconds to live the rest of your life, what would you choose?”

Using this tool really gets me to be in the present moment.
It’s a Green Light in and of itself.
I explain it more in depth in the video.

If you know my story, 
you know that I’ve overcome a ton of tragedy, and I’ve come a long way.

Is life always perfect?
No, but it is definitely a hell of a lot greater and a lot easier than it was before!

And so, my invitation to you is,
What would it take for you to create, or to give yourself, the Green Light?

Or if you’re like I was and require to actually hear it from someone else that knows that the Universe will have your back,

Come join me for the Outshine Your Shy class OR any of the Being You with ASB classes that are happening this month.

Because this world needs you to be everything you are,
whatever that is, especially now.
The world needs you to be too much.

See the Green Light?

Hope to see you in person soon,
Dr. Anthony

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