Why NOT Access Consciousness?

A friend of mine asked me to watch a documentary called Reconnect and it was interesting. There is no such thing as coincidence, you know, and the reason I was willing to watch the documentary was because in the last several Access Consciousness 3 Day Body classes I’ve facilitated, several people have asked me what my thoughts on ayahuasca are. 

Ayahuasca, for those of you who don’t know, is a psychedelic herb that grows in South America and is probably manufactured in other places now too. People take ayahuasca to go on these psychedelic trips and journeys to access more consciousness, so to speak. They’re guided by Shamans, keep journals and have awakenings. Ayahuasca is used for healing as well. 

Right off the bat, I’m not here to be critical of peoples’ choice to do ayahuasca. That’s not what I’m trying to do here. It’s just that one thing we’ve learned in Access Consciousness is that whenever you do drugs of any kind, any awarenesses you may have while you’re on the psychedelic drug, it’s hard to access that when you’re not in that state. I’m sure there are people who can but most people I know, it’s like, once they plug back into this reality or they go home, so to speak, and are no longer in the jungle amongst all the other people tripping and having all these awarnesses, it’s like they can’t quite grasp or access those awarenesses they received while they were on their trip.

Reconnect, is about it’s producer, Brian Rose, going on an ayahuasca journey. He happened to have this motivational coach/mentor who wasn’t really that interested in that sort of thing but the guy was really interested in being right and making everybody else really wrong and he was a multimillionaire so that justifies the rightness of his points of view. 

The whole time I was thinking to myself why not Access Consciousness? Why isn’t Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness being interviewed for a documentary like this? What are people afraid of? I even had this conversation with Gary and here’s what he said: “People would have to see the truth and people are not willing to see the truth.” I’m like, “Gary, why are you not being interviewed for this sort of thing? These tools are fucking brilliant. They’re magnificent,” and he’s like, “Well, a lot of people like to be lied to.” Me? I hate being lied to. 

We could have 80 billion conversations and go in 80 billion different directions with this. What we do in Access Consciousness is its literal name. Access Consciousness is designed so you can access more consciousness and as you do, you become even more sensitive to the world around you. Not less. More. Even inanimate objects, like the book sitting on the table next to me. I can pick it up and get the energy of it. You do become more conscious as you use the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness and it seems to happen on the ayahuasca trip too. 

So I keep having these people asking “What do you think about ayahuasca?” My question to them is always “Well. Are you an Infinite Being or are you a Finite Being?” and they always say, “Infinite Being.” My response? “Well. Would an Infinite Being need ayahuasca to become more conscious?” 

This is not to make it right or wrong. It’s more about why NOT Access Consciousness? What are people afraid of with regards to utilizing tools that will help them to be more aware and to be more conscious? 

It’s funny because as soon as people start to Google Access Consciousness, and I don’t know how algorithms work, they find people who say Access is a cult. My friend, Chutisa Bowman, actually wrote a beautiful article I highly recommend. How does she address the question, “Is Access a Cult?” In short, the answer is no. Cults are designed to have people follow a leader. They’re designed for you to sacrifice something, whether it’s your body, sexually, or your body with food. Cults aren’t typically designed to empower you to be the leader of your own life. By definition, Access is not a cult because it’s actually a pragmatic program that offers tools to use to actually create the life that you desire. For those of you who start to explore and then you see the people who say Access is a cult, I’m here to tell you it’s not. Please go beyond that. Look further. Access Consciousness is by far one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever come across and I’ve done a lot of stuff in my 30 years of being in the healing profession. 

So as I’m watching this show and they go on this ayahuasca journey, one of the things I noticed was that Brian had great experiences, he had great awarenesses, he knew what things he wanted to implement and change when he got back home, but as he got home, everything was going back, sort of, to the way it was. He knew there was this other possibility but he couldn’t quite access that and then he started to seek counsel with different people in different areas like addiction. 

What if there are tools out there, wait... There ARE tools out there that there are absolutely no side effects to. You don’t have to worry about it damaging your liver or your kidneys or even your brain long-term or anything like that. You certainly don’t need to be guided by anybody with other points of view. These tools are very gentle, very nurturing, very healing, and can create the space for you to access more consciousness. Literally. 

Why not Access? I watched Reconnect, the whole time thinking, these people need to get their Bars® ran. They need to get Body Processes that are designed to get you to receive more from everything around you and beyond. 

One of the guys interviewed was talking about the Earth and how we’re killing it and all that stuff. Yes. True. We are. But I don’t have to take psychedelics for me to be aware of that. When you receive the Access Bars®, and for those of you won’t don’t know what the Bars® are, it’s 32 points on your head and these bars of energy that go from one side of your brain to the other that carry the electromagnetic components of all your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in the areas of different things like money, body, sexuality, healing, sadness, joy, and a whole bunch of others. When you gently touch these points, it actually brings up the unconsciousness and anticonsciousness that you, personally, suffer from in those particular areas. There are people who have been suicidal who get their Bars® run and are no longer suicidal. 

The Bars® and the Access Consciousness Body Processes are designed to help you become more aware and to be more vibrationally compatible with the Earth and also to empower you to know what you know. There is no high and when the high goes away it’s like, ahhh. I remember that awesome experience but when it goes away I can’t quite… where is it? I just want it back. No. With Access Consciousness, you actually have the tools to go back to your everyday life that you can utilize to continue to expand upon the new space that was created as the result of, say, the class that you went to, by continuing to get your Bars® ran. 

My late wife and I, our guru was also interviewed in this particular documentary. I was having this holy shit moment like, OK. I’m meant to watch this and I’m really excited to talk about it. I have so much to say. My children’s mother and I had this guru for like 2 years. We did his practices day in and day out. We were great Yogis and I remember when she was in the middle of her bipolar episode and I went to him for help. I said, “We’re doing our practices and she’s going insane. She’s like a psychotic. Help us,” and basically his response was, “I was surprised she was living a normal life to begin with.” He basically told me that she was damaged goods and to go back to doing the practices and maybe she would go back to “normal” and that she should go back to the mood stabilizers that they give people with bipolar disorder. 

Look, I had great experiences with the Guru, just like people who do ayahuasca have great experiences, OK. I had supernatural experiences but they were experiences and my life didn’t change. So I threw in the towel. I was like, what am I going to do? I went to the Guru like, hey, is there a different possibility? because that’s what I was looking for. What energies are you aware of that maybe if we use this particular tool, whatever that would be, could actually change this psychotic episode that she’s having? and our guru had nothing. I can honestly tell you, fast forward 6 years later where now I’m doing Access Consciousness, which I didn’t even know about at the time, now there are tools I could actually have used to change things and pull her out of that state. 

What if there was something that was available to you and for you to contribute to you accessing more consciousness? To contribute to you being more present with your family? To contribute to you being more present with your business? When you access more consciousness, it’s not about you going back to your job like they do in Reconnect, like now we’re going to do, do, do. No. It’s about what you BE because when you start to access more consciousness you start to function from the space of knowing that nobody can ever take away from you. Nobody can ever take it from you. But when you have a psychedelic trip, they talk about this thing that’s oh. It’s between you and the medicine. Does an Infinite Being need medicine to be more conscious? The answer is fuck no

When you have these awakenings while receiving the Access Bars®, Access Body Processes, Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB), Anthony Synthesis of Being (ASB), or Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) sessions, nobody can take that away from you because it’s not drug induced or herbal induced. It’s between us and the energies that we move and BE together.

If I sound like I’m trying to make it wrong, I’m not. I’m sure people have had miracles doing ayahuasca. But it’s like, what if you could have those same miracles without having to consume something? That’s my invitation to you. That’s the invitation of Access Consciousness. That’s the invitation of Gary Douglas, the founder of Access. But doing Access requires a certain level of vulnerability that people are not willing to BE in their everyday lives. You may be willing to be vulnerable with your Shamen while you’re having this psychedelic trip in a controlled environment but what happens when you go to your everyday life? When you go to the supermarket? When you go back to your job? Are you willing to be that space of vulnerability and of knowing and consciousness even when you’re around people who can’t see or perceive what you can see and perceive? 

People would have to actually look at, sometimes they are creating their lives from shit or the so-called “shitty” parts of themselves. In the ayahuasca world, they call those the “bad trips.” Sometimes we’re creating our lives based our awareness of how we’re destroying the Earth and how if the farming industry doesn’t get their shit together we’re going to have to manufacture food artificially, which we’re already doing, you know what I’m saying? 

There are 2 great documentaries that you all need to watch. One’s called Kiss the Ground, and the other is A Life on Our Planet. Even if you may be an old geezer, what about your children? What about your grandchildren? What about your grandchildrens’ children? What kind of planet are we leaving for them after we go? 

One of the guys in Reconnect had a “bad trip” because he was aware of all the war, all the destruction of our food and our environment, the pollution. I don’t need a psychedelic to be aware of all that stuff that’s going on. The tools of Access help you become more aware. They help you to become more sensitive to the world around you so you can actually start asking questions about what else is actually possible? 

I don’t know if this will ever reach Reconnect’s producer, Brian Rose, but hey, if it does, Brian, I will run your Bars® for free one time. I will do an ASB session, one time, just so you cand experience a different possibility. 

Visit www.dranthonymattis.com or www.accessconsciousness.com to get started. There are Access Consciousness facilitators all over the world. We’re in 170 different countries trying to facilitate consciousness. We are not here to say we have the answers or that we have the rights and the wrongs of things. No. It’s about giving you the tools to make your life easier. It’s about giving you tools to have more fun. It’s about giving you tools to recognize what actually is fucking important. Giving you tools to empower you to know what you know and be the leader of your own life, not follow some guru. And it’s about learning how to receive kindness, caring, nurturing, healing energies. 

A lot of people in these documentaries have had a lot of abuse in their lives. We have tools for that and they’re not psychedelics. We have tools to help release and dissipate the abuse in your Universe and your body and they work. 

I’m glad I watched Reconnect because it gave me so much clarity about what all the facilitators in Access are doing and trying to create in the world. Listen though, there are bad apples everywhere and if you’re someone who’s done Access and maybe you had some bad experiences, nobody’s perfect. People do fuck up, OK. Don’t let that destroy you from having access to tools that can actually change your life and remove the abuse and those limitations that you’ve been struggling from that you haven’t been quite able to access, and I know for those of you doing ayahuasca, you get to access it during those trips, but what if you didn’t have to use mood altering substances to access it? 

Watch Reconnect. But while you watch it ask yourself, why not Access Consciousness? 

When you have awareness, you’re aware of everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You’re going to have days where you’re like holy shit but we have tools to help you get through that. We have one question, Who does it belong to? because one of the first things you learn in Access is 99,000% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t belong to you. 

If you’re doing modalities and techniques and they’re working for you, that’s great. That’s awesome. This is not to replace anything: nobody’s religion, philosophy, or other healing techniques. I’m not saying Access is better. It’s just the one thing that’s actually worked for me in my 30 years of exploring different techniques. What I am saying is that if you’re taking these herbagenix to achieve a higher state, what if you didn’t have to do that? What if there was something else available to you for you to literally access more consciousness and create more communion between you and your body, you and your family, you and your lover or spouse? What if we got the politicians to receive the Bars® and Body Processes? Would there be the insanity that you see in the governments around the world? If government and politics was the answer, the world would be a better place but obviously it’s not the answer. What if consciousness and awareness is? 

Access has only been around for 30 years. It’s new. When I started, I was in the closet about it because I was aware of all the people who want to maintain the status quo and not rock the boat. I only told a select few people. I wanted to explore and see if it even worked. I would use the tools with my kids and the results were undeniable for me personally and I was someone who went balls to the wall like the gentleman in Reconnect. I went to all the Ra Ra seminars. I went to sweat lodges and did breathwork. I got in the bathtub and did the rebirth. I did the color therapy. I did metaphysics. I did all the different energetic techniques. I went to all the shrinks to talk about stuff. I did the 12 Steps. I haven’t come across anything that has moved me to this degree, created as much awareness in my Universe, or created the space for me to have as much ease with my awareness as the tools of Access Consciousness. I’m super grateful. 

I’m watching this thinking aw man. If Brian Rose would just learn the Bars® and do it with his wife, his life would change. And his mentor, that guy really needs his Bars® run but you know, that’s just my interesting point of view. This conversation will probably rock the boat a little bit but to me, Access is the world’s best kept secret and even though it’s all over the globe, it’s still under the radar. 

Whether you’re Christian, Hebrew, Arab, or Muslum. The ones who are really orthodox in their respected area, they all have the same points of view: that if you go outside of those boxes you’re wrong. You will be condemned. The church accused me of my wife getting ill as the result of me studying different energetic techniques and I would have believed them if she had gotten sick after my studies began. 

You don’t have to give up anything but what if you could actually have more available for you and if not for you, maybe your kids. Maybe your kid is the unicorn and your child is actually suffering because he has nowhere to go with his awareness because he knows he is different. 

I appreciate Brian Rose’s journey and his quest and desire to have more and be more and make a difference in the world. My question to you and the creators of Reconnect is why not access consciousness? 

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